Content strategy 101: Micro tips for figuring it out

Content strategy

I nearly choked my dog to death.

I thought he’d first chew the chunk of chicken I’d given him.

I thought wrong – he swallowed it whole, and it stuck in his throat.
If a Boston Terrier could turn blue, he probably would have because this wasn’t just any chicken. It was chicken that I had cooked, which means the piece that nearly killed Sid was probably dry as dust, rock hard, and taste like dishwater.
Anything I cook is usually inedible to humans and potentially life-threatening to dogs.
Baking, though? Different story. I’ve never flopped an Oreo cupcake.

Why can I bake like a champ but cook like a toddler?

My husband (who can cook and is the reason why we don’t live on peanut butter toast) pointed out that baking is a scientific, outcomes-based process.
If you follow the recipe step-by-step, measure the ingredients precisely, and don’t forget to set the oven timer, you’ll likely get the outcome you’re after.
Unless you’re this guy…

With cooking though, there are too many variables that can (and do, in my case) go wrong – even if I follow a recipe, and especially if I don’t.

It’s ok, but something’s missing (salt, perhaps?)

Working with B2B marketing managers, I’ve noticed that, when it comes to content strategy, they’re either cooking without a recipe (those daredevils), or they follow a vague recipe with too many variables.

Not because they don’t understand and appreciate the importance of a content strategy. They do.

But they don’t have the time, capacity, or energy to focus on it, either because they’re pulled in so many directions, or they underestimate the amount of work involved in managing a content strategy.

It’s enough to make you choke.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Every business needs a content strategy if they want to create meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable content. Having a strategy helps you to identify what you already have, what you need, more importantly, what business goals it supports.

Content strategy 101

What if you had a content strategy recipe? A step-by-step playbook that tells you exactly what to do when, what to prepare next, and what outcome you can expect?

Well, my friend, stick with me for the next few months and I’ll help you plan and implement your content strategy – in bite-sized, easily digestible chunks.

We’ll cover things like audience, content goals, content pillars, and SEO. I’ll give you tips, tricks, and formulas to create relevant content quickly and to identify opportunities to tell stories that leave lumps in people’s throats (of emotion, not chicken).

There’s a lot to learn. But we’ll take it slow.

Every month (possibly increasing to every two weeks – you tell me), I’ll give you something new to chew on and practical ways you can craft your content strategy – whether you’re in B2B tech, launching an e-commerce store, or promoting your cooking classes.

We start next month with our first lesson: What is a content strategy, why is it important for any business, and how having one will radically simplify your marketing efforts.

If you know of anyone who would find these tips useful, please do share.

Oh, and the story has a happy ending.

My quick-thinking husband shoved his hand down poor Sid’s throat and dislodged the chunk.

Sid, bless him, lived to the ripe old age of 11, and I haven’t cooked chicken again.

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